About Cash

Good day and welcome to my blog! My name is Cash and I am a mixed breed puppy (I think shepherd/terrier, but who can be sure?).  I was rescued by my owner Bellamy and now I have a wonderful home and a wonderful family that loves me. Because I am in this transition period of my life, it can be a little hectic…my new life is much different from the one in the shelter.  Luckily, I have the support of ACI Specialty Benefits! The wonderful staff there has helped me in everything from finding the best-place to make friends, to finding the best vet when I had a nasty case of Pancreatitis.  With all of ACI’s help, I have had many adventures and I will be sure to post the most exciting on the WellPup blog. Enjoy!


6 responses to “About Cash

  1. Hi Cash.!

    I miss you at the office, I am happy that your feeling better….

    I Hope to take you out for a walk soon!!!….

    your not “hectic” your just happy : )

  2. Cash, remember to call your ACI Concierge to help plan your next puppy get-a-away. We will help find pet friendly hotels, exciting dog walking trails and of course reserve reservations at the most delicious pet-friendly restaurants.

  3. Cash and Bellamy, I really enjoyed reading your stories! ACI Specialty Benefits sounds like a lifesaver. I will be sure to let my boss know that our employees at my company could really benefit from services like the vet referrals that you received from ACI. As an animal lover, I know how difficult it can be when your best friend with a tail is not feeling well. Finding a qualified vet is very important. I am glad Cash is feeling better. I am looking forward to reading more about you both in the future.

  4. Hello Cash,

    I am glad you are feeling better and love your pictures you look so healthy and happy. Come by the office again and say hello. Take care your friend. Marisa

  5. Cash,

    So glad that you’re feeling better!!) If your mommy ever goes on vacation please know that I would love to doggy sit for you! We at ACI are always” willing to lend a helping hand”.


  6. Dear Cash,

    I belive we met the other morning in Ann’s office and you kissed my hand right before I was to shake another executives hand. Dude! 🙂

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