Cash and the Pancreatitis bug…

Since I have been out of the shelter, I have found that there are so many things to eat!!! There are bugs all over the sidewalk, plastic bottles in the trash, tasty shoes carelessly thrown on the floor, and there is ALWAYS something edible under the couch. Well one day after a fulfilling meal of wood and grass from the back yard, I began to feel lethargic, nauseated, and downright ill. At first, I thought I could just sleep it off, but when that didn’t work I knew I needed to go see…….the vet.  Now, if you have never been to the vet before, I advise you to stay away at all costs! Usually, it is a dreadful experience where you are poked and prodded and forced to stand on a large metal platform. But THIS time, Bellamy (the human) decided to call her EAP provider, ACI Specialty Benefits. After a quick chat with one of the dog-loving intake specialists (I also could have done it online), they referred me to 4 vets directly within my zipcode! Because this was so easy, Bellamy was able to pick the best vet for our needs and boy was it easy! And because Bellamy didn’t have to take the time out of her day to search through alllllll the vets around us, we were able to get it done quickly and WHAM! I am cured. No more Pancreatitis for me! Now I am back to being a healthy pup, and best of all I am back to rummaging for tasty treats under the cabinets.


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