Watch Your Furry Figure

Hello everyone, it’s Cash. I started thinking about my health today and realized how little i knew about obesity in my world. Some aren’t as lucky as i am when it comes to being taken care of. I get a lot of help by people who love and care for me to keep my diet on track and to help keep my body healthy.  Having your owner let you exercise everyday is one way to help keep our furry bodies clear of obesity. I run at the park everyday for an hour, chasing after tennis balls and wrestling the other dogs to the ground. Just like humans, our exercise schedule and eating habits are important to keep our figure slim and our body as healthy as can be. My puppy figure is important, too much figure could lead to unwanted problems. I found this interesting chart relating to obesity in cats and dogs and it showed me how big of a deal it is. Check it out below.

Pet Obesity Infographic

I have someone to take care of me and help my be healthy, just like the Wellness team at ACI Specialty Benefits that help many people who look for advice in keeping their body and mind healthy.


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