How well are you trained?

All humans wish their doggys could be perfectly trained, listening and acting to their every command.  Us on the other hand,  all we want is to roam free and do what we please. But  for the safety of other dogs and humans it is important we are well trained and remember that our owners are the ones in control. I’ve been very well taught  by professionals to listen when i’m being told a command. Sometimes i get a little distracted by other dogs around me, or even strangers every now and then, but almost of the time i show everyone what a good puppy i am and how well i listen. It’s easier for us to learn commands such as, sit, stay, & come. Roll over isn’t as easy to dogs as the other commands but i have conquered it, no problem. below are a few Stats and Tips from pets 365 to help your puppy or dog be a happy well trained one. 

Just like us, humans have differenent ways of training their minds and bodies to respond to different situations such as eating habits, training their bodies to exercise, or even just healthy living in general. ACI in different ways can act as a trainer for humans, by helping to get them to the place they want to be and helping work on training their bodies.


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