We need mani pedis too!

Many humans don’t realize how important it is to trim our nails on a regular basis, just like them we need regular nail care as well. Having our nails trimmed helps with our comfort, but also our safety. The longer our nails get the more likely they are to break and crack which can be very painful to our paws. I was due for a nail trimming, so my owners did it themselves. The process was painless and simple, but they had to do some research to know exactly what to do so that they didn’t hurt me, or my nails. they occupied me with one of my favorite toys while i laid there, they also rubbed my belly while they snipped away. My nail trimming process isn’t over, they will trim a little more day by day until they get my nails to the length they should be. They found this diagram that helps explain how and why you should trim a little bit at a time and shows the blood supply to make sure they don’t cut them too short which would cause bleeding.

Make sure if your owners decide to trim your nails themselves that they know the right technique and they use the right equiptment to do so. If they are uncomfortable trimming your nails, they could take you to a groomer so they don’t risk hurting you.


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