Send us to camp!

Ever thought of sending your dog to summer camp? It could be a fun way to keep our bodies away from obesity. Many Pet camps are made to keep our bodies in shape and healthy for our everyday activites and lifestyle. One specific camp that I always hear my owners talking about the Morris Animal Inn in Morristown, New Jersey.  There are many activities I could take part in at this camp, such as working out on the tredmills, doing arobic swimming, going on nature hikes (my favorite), and even practicing yoga and pilates! I know I would never get bored if I went to a pet camp! This camp isn’t in my area but i’m sure i could find some similar and close to home! It wouldnt only be fun but camp would also be a way to keep my good health up. Our Excercise isn’t the only area these camps focus on, they also offer lodging, spa treatments, grooming, daycare, and then weight-loss programs. I would love to go to a doggy camp like this! Not only would it help my health but also keep me beautiful!

Check out a Pet Camp near you!


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