We don’t always need someone to take care of us when we are sick!

Hi Everyone, Cash here! I know my owners have had conerns before about my grass eating habit every now and then, but they know now that when i start eating grass i do it to make my body healthier.

Ever find yourself strolling around the park with your owner and always getting told to “stop” when you start to nibble on the grass? Well what they might not know is that we don’t just eat grass because it’s there and because we can, but it’s actually a way to help our upset or gassy stomachs. When we eat the it, the grass blades tickle our throat and stomach lining which will cause us to vomit. Eating grass allows whatever is making our stomachs upset to get out of our bodies.

Many owners may think this is dangerous for our health and that we shouldn’t be eating anything other then our dog food, but the grass does not danger our bodies. Grass contains natural nutrients that we might crave and need in our everyday diet. The only concern our owners should get is when we start consuming too much grass, if we are eating large amounts of grass this probably means there is a more serious illness in our bodies that might need to be treated.

For now, don’t make it a big deal when we are munching on grass! Sometimes our bodies need it!


information from: http://dogs.about.com/od/faqs/f/whyeatgrass_petmd.htm


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